Friday the 13th and other days of the week

Here is a basic Russian lesson on the days of the week. Since today is Friday the 13, we’ll start there.

Friday 13th

пятница is Friday and you can add the number 13 to indicate Friday the 13th, although that really isn’t “thirteenth” but this form is acceptable.  пятница is spoken as “PYAT-neets-a” so go ahead and practice that for several times.

Friday b

Next we’ll fill in all the days of the week. The Eastern calendar runs Monday thru Sunday so the next time you’re in the FSU, take a closer look at a calendar to see what I mean.

calendar 2013 b

As you can see on this calendar the day beginning each week is Monday and Saturday and Sunday are the last days of the week.

The first day of the week is Monday: понедельник, “pani-DYEL-nik.”

Next comes Tuesday: вторник, “FTOR-nik.”

Tuesday a

Wednesday is среда, spoken “sri-DA.”

Wednesday aThe next day is Thursday: четверг, “chit-VYERK.”

Thursday a

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the verbiage at the bottom of this Thursday sign reminds us that tomorrow is Friday.

Do you remember Friday? It is пятница, “PYAT-neets-a.”

After Friday comes Saturday: суббота, “su-BO-tah.”

saturday b

So now we come to the last day of the week, Sunday:  воскресенье, “vas-kri-SYEN-ye.”

Sunday a

The sign reads “And today is Sunday.” So there you have the days of the week.



And those are the День недели (days of the week).

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the days of the week? Try a fun quiz at this link.