Our thanks to search engines and social media…

Hardly a day goes by that either the recipe for Russian black bread or the topics of learning the Russian language and the Cyrillic alphabet doesn’t lead the way readers find the Mendeleyev Journal via search engines.

Yesterday however another topic bucked the usual trend: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s letter to the American people. 805 readers came through search engines and we’re always excited about that statistic because those are overwhelmingly first-time readers.

chart g

As our status was shared across social media another 211 came from Facebook and 383 arrived from Russia’s vkontake. Perhaps not all, but many of those were first time readers.

Other statistics we track include how many pages first time readers read in addition to the topic that generated their search and from which regions of the world our readers reside. The average search engine reader visited 1.6 pages confirming that we have achieved some “stickiness” and we’ll continue to make the Mendeleyev Journal the kind of source that will attract and then keep readers for longer periods of time.

As for regional readership, the USA and Russia continues to lead and those countries are closely followed by Canada, the UK, and Australia. Other European regions make up about 12% of the daily readers. Yesterday there was a spike from Finland which was understandable given that “Finlandia” is a next door neighbor to Russia. We are a bit more curious however given a recent increase from Malaysia.

We always experience spikes at Orthodox Easter, 8 March Women’s Day, New Year’s coverage and then Eastern Christmas in early January.

As always, thanks for stopping by. We invite you to sit down and stay awhile.