How Putin views Moscow

One local Moscow publication, The Village, decided to drive the same route Mr. Putin takes to and from work. To be sure it is a nice photo of the car much like the presidential limo but most days Mr. Putin walks across the hallway of the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo, just outside the Western area of Moscow.  On days when the Russian President does travel to the Kremlin he usually takes a helicopter in so as not to disrupt traffic.

The publication touts that they drove the same route to show Moscow residents how Mr. Putin sees their city each day. Perhaps someday when they can film themselves walking down the hallways of Novo-Ogaryovo readers will find it a tad more interesting.

Putin Limo b

That being said however their photo and the caption gives us a nice opportunity to learn a little Russian:

– Город or “gor-ahd” is the term for city. For those readers learning the Cyrillic alphabet, the spelling is G-o-r-o-d. Admittedly this is a hard word to learn and helps if you remember to trill the letter r (p).

– Дом “dOme” is home and работа “ra-bOt-ah: is work. The phrase дом – работа is “home to work.”

– москва глазами путина means “Moscow as seen by Putin.”

– Москва is “Mas-vah” the word we speak as Moscow, spelled M-o-s-k-v-a. This letter o isn’t stressed so it is spoken as an “ah”c sound.

Just two more words in this short lesson so here we go.

– президент is our word for “president” and p-r-e-z-i-d-e-n-t is spoken with more of the Z sound.

– России is a grammatical case for the word россия, or Russia. They way to pronounce Russia is “Ra-see-ya.”