Fashion Week leads into Miss Universe

This last week was Fashion Week in Moscow, sponsored by Mercedes Benz and admittedly it was a good week to be in Moscow with beautiful ladies seemingly everywhere.

Fashion week is an annual event in Moscow and this year took place a week earlier than normal in order to coordinate with this week’s Miss Universe festivities. The Miss Universe contestants celebrated Fashion week along with Moscow residents.

Miss Universe fashion day Crocus City Mall 2013 Diana Schoutsen Mendoza of Honduras
Miss Honduras,Diana Schoutsen Mendoza enjoyed Fashion week festivities at the Crocus City Mall in Moscow.

The Miss Universe contest is currently underway at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The reigning Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, is from Rhode Island, USA. Miss Culpo is a professional musician who plays with the Boston Accompanietta.

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, Rhonde Island, USA. (Photo by Glenn Francis and
Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, Rhonde Island, USA. (Photo by Glenn Francis,

Miss Culpo was one of the judges for the Miss Russia pageant and of course you’re wondering how did she like Russia and Moscow, right?

The girls have been here for three weeks and the finalists will be selected on 5 November, this coming Tuesday. Tuesday’s preliminary competition will not be shown on television but will be streamed live at

Miss Universe Novodevichy Convent 2013 Riza Santos of Canada
Miss Universe contestant Riza Santos of Canada outside the Novodevichy Convent.

A few days ago the girls, there are 86 of them from around the world, toured the Moscow Raceway where some of the girls tried their luck at driving race cars.

Friday night the girls attended the Atlant Moscow vs Lev Prague hockey game where they posed for photographs and handed out most valuable player awards after the game.

Miss Universe ladies at a hockey game in Moscow.
Miss Universe ladies at a hockey game in Moscow.
Lotta Hintsa of Finland
Miss Finland, Lotta Hintsa, seemed to enjoy the action.

There are three main categories to the pageant; the bikini competition, an evening gown fashion show, and the interview segment.

Interestingly the Miss Universe pageant was born in 1951 because a Miss America contestant objected to the swimsuit category and a separate contest was formed to give ladies an alternative.

According to Miss Universe managing partner Donald Trump, the 2013 show is promised to outshine all previous shows in the pageant’s 60 plus year history. Trump and NBC Television own the Miss Universe Organization. NBC will air the main pageant on 9 November at 9pm Eastern Time in the USA.
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