The night for Miss Universe from Moscow!

There is a general media blackout from the Miss Universe contest in Moscow as the contest won’t air in the USA until 9pm Saturday but we can report that the top 10 are Miss Spain, Miss Philippines, Miss Great Britain, Miss India, Miss Brazil, Miss USA, Miss Ukraine, Miss Ecuador, Miss Venezuela, Miss Dominican Republic.

Miss Universe contest

The contestants gathered for their final appearance at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.


miss universe a

Miss Universe Ukraine catwalk


Next photo: Miss Ukraine, centre.

Miss Universe b

Next photo: Miss Ukraine, left and Miss Estonia, right.  Miss Universe Estonia

Next: The 3 gals together are Miss Ukraine, Miss Poland and Miss Russia who is not in the finals.

Miss Universe Ukraine Poland Russia

Next: Miss Ukraine, left and Miss Russia, right.

Miss Universe Ukraine Russia b

Miss Universe Ukraine Russia c


Miss Universe Ukraine