Snowden to assist Germany

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive (Sir Walter Scott). The government of Angela Merkel isn’t about to let the NSA spying scandal take a rest and especially not after German lawmaker Christian Stroebele was in Moscow to meet with Snowden recently. The trip to Moscow allows Merkel to find out what she wants to know without directly embarrassing the Americans to their faces by having Snowden travel to Germany.

The evidence of NSA spying on allies like Germany was so compelling that Chancellor Merkel was livid upon first learning the news and phoned President Obama personally to demand answers.

(Snowden is popular on German University campuses these days.)
(Snowden is popular on German University campuses these days.)

Snowden seems willing to assist Germany and you can bet that Germany is more than willing to meet with Snowden. In fact, some German lawmakers are calling for their government to offer him amnesty. The Obama administration is reeling from setbacks at home over lies and mismanagement regarding the disastrous Health Care roll out and the NSA scandals are apparently more than a weak foreign policy team can handle.

Even more embarrassing to Washington is that many academics in Germany are calling for Snowden to be awarded with an honourary doctorate degree for his part in exposing America’s far reaching spy program both a home and targeting US allies.

As to the Kremlin, they are more than willing to allow Snowden to do anything that will further weaken the USA’s stature around the world.

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