Update from Kyiv (Kiev)

Ukrainian Prime Minister Azarov, is telling anyone who will listen that this is a coup.

(photo: trasyy LiveJournal)
Sign on the Kyiv city Parliament building reads: “Headquarters of Revolution. (photo: trasyy LiveJournal)

The top countries meeting with the PM are Russia and the USA, just in case anyone doubts that the United States is somewhere in the thick of all this. We just don’t know where yet. Obviously Russia has a great deal of interest in the current situation.

Meanwhile, having arrived in China on Tuesday afternoon for a state visit through Friday, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich said that, “if Ukraine had signed the European Union Association Agreement, it would have lost its dialogue with Russia.”

After concluding his visit to China on Friday, Mr. Yanukovich will fly directly to Moscow. The sudden trip to Russia reminds us of Soviet days when leaders in distant republics were summoned back to Moscow.

The China visit is odd behaviour for a president whose country is in turmoil.