Ukraine’s popular Inspector/Examiner: is your favourite restaurant recommended?

Some say that she is a bull in a China shop. We find her entertaining, and of course easy on the eyes. This TV journalist is also a fashion model and represents a contemporary fashion clothing designer and represents a line of designer travel luggage, too.

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She is Olga Freimut, Ольга Фреймут, the Inspector, Ревизор, and her TV show travels to cities around Ukraine as she and her camera crew video the good, the bad and the outright filthy.

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She examines public facilities, mainly restaurants and hotels, and her coveted white glove award is proudly displayed by those establishments fortunate enough to meet her standards.

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Have a favourite restaurant? You might change your mind after watching this inspector go to work with her white gloves. She has a nose for cockroaches and doesn’t run when restaurant owners call the police. She stays and shows the result of her work to police officers who can’t seem to make up their minds on how to handle this roving television journalist.

Noviy channel Olga Freimut 5
Hotels? She strips sheets off the beds and looks under sofas to find bugs, leftover food and other things that the housekeeping staff missed.

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Olga does have somewhat of a connection to the mail order bride industry, too. She is said to be among the top five Ukrainian models whose photos are stolen and used in fake dating profiles. Given her stunning looks, somehow we’re not all that surprised.

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