Holiday oranges colour Moscow

As children growing up in rural settings, there would be an orange or tangerine in our Christmas stockings each year. As siblings, we would pool those to make them last as long as possible. Such delicious fruit from far away in those days was something special.

moscow dmrog.livejournal i

Oranges don’t grow in Moscow either and what a pleasant surprise to discover some years ago that giving citrus around the holiday season is a tradition for some families, too!

moscow dmrog.livejournal g
This week there are “New Year trees” and decorations going up all over cities in the East and we can report that Moscow is very festive and beautiful today!

Moscow dmrog.livejournal c

One group of young ladies organized a “flash mob” of sorts to stand at several Moscow Metro locations where New Year trees are being erected to pass out flowers and oranges/tangerines to women and children.

moscow dmrog.livejournal d

Demonstrating the talents of LiveJournal photographer Dmitry Rogachyov, we think this is a very cool way to greet the coming New Year and Christmas holidays.

Moscow dmrog.livejournal b

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!