Happy Christmas! C Рождеством!!!

The time has arrived! It is Christmas Eve, January 6.

For many the final meal of the Nativity Fast of 40 days without meat will culminate with a Christmas Eve meal that features 12 vegetarian dishes, one for each of the Apostles. Tonight across the East millions will gather in churches for the overnight Christmas Eve liturgy around 11pm. It will end around 1:30am on Christmas morning and joyful hearts will make their way home.

On Christmas day many families will enjoy a Russian Christmas dinner feast, perhaps with roasted piglet (baby pig), goose, or/and baked fish. Stores run out of piglet early so if you didn’t make your order in time you’ll be stuck with chicken or lamb; the lamb by the way is one of my favourites.

Here is the 3 hour service from the famous Kazan Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Christmas Eve 2013 (last year). Television commentators explained the liturgy as it was broadcast.

Happy Christmas to each of you!

C Рождеством!!!

Шестое января. Зима. Сочельник.
Две тысячи четырнадцатый год.
Для всех людей – и вместе, и отдельно –
Пусть каждый вслух сейчас произнесет:
Здоровья всем, и счастья, и терпенья,
Добра, тепла и мира в каждый дом!
И пусть весь мир наполнят поздравления
С неповторимым светлым Рождеством!
(Елена Кулик)