Rainbow uniforms for Russian Olympic volunteers?

In the midst of Russia’s controversial law banning propaganda aimed at children, some are asking whether the German uniforms are meant as a protest to the Russian law?

Meanwhile some 25,000 volunteers representing all Russian regions and 60 foreign countries are working at various sites in Sochi during the Olympics and they’re immediately recognizable because of their uniforms. But wait, some say their uniforms are rainbow coloured, too.

On 17 January Mr. Putin met with volunteers at the XXII Winter Olympics and XI Winter Paralympics in Sochi. He liked their uniforms.

The uniform discussion is quite trivial considering that over the past few years we’ve gone from a rainbow representing God’s promise never to again destroy the earth by flood (next time will be by fire) to the rainbow more recently being used as a symbol of same gender sexual relations.

Let Germany be Germany and let Russia be Russia. That is our view.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow uniforms for Russian Olympic volunteers?

  1. It was made clear that the uniforms had nothing to do with the controversy. The uniforms were picked out long before the issue of homosexuals and the Olympics was raised.


    1. mendeleyeev

      You are exactly right, Michael however the Western media types in Sochi do not have the background to understand and that is why we decided to address the issue.


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