Continuing civil war in Ukraine

Unfortunately there will be causalities in civil war. For two months former Ukrainian Army vets have trained volunteers by teaching them tactics and setting up very sophisticated defensive lines. There is a very clear chain of command and well organized with Ukrainian veterans in leadership positions against the government forces.

At some point this is going to force the Army to make a decision. Yesterday’s firing of the chief of the Army by President Yanukovich and his appointment of the naval chief to take over the Army came after Army chief Col Gen Volodymyr Zamana had refused a presidential order to use violent force against the protesters as part of an “anti-terrorist” campaign.

One of the trigger points of the violence was in December (24) when journalist Tatyana Chornovol was pulled from her car and beaten by riot police after taking photographs outside the residence of Prosecutor-General Viktor Pshonka. Tatyana has been one of the courageous journalists who has investigated and written extensively about corruption in the government.

The first journalist killed was yesterday, Vyacheslav Veremyi was a writer for Vesti, a pro-government newspaper. He was on the wrong side but may God grant him eternal memory.