RT reporter denounces Russian invasion of Crimea

Abby Martin is a feisty liberal progressive and often she and the Mendeleyev Journal are on very different sides of an issue. Abby is tough as nails and yet we believe she tries to be fair and one should respect that, even in disagreement. Her comments on the Russian invasion however have ruffled a lot of feathers in Russia.

Here is what she said to cause all the uproar:

After that you can expect the smear campaigns to begin cranking up very quickly to give the impression that she is a nutcase who shouldn’t be taken seriously. Par for the course.

The Kremlin was none to happy about her comments and that prompted RT management to quickly released a statement that they were sending her to Crimea so that she could get a better view of the story on the ground (re-education lives on).

But no, Abby isn’t going as she informed them just as promptly. Here is her response on-air: