Pro-Russian forces move into mainland Ukraine

We are showing you the expanded series from VICE NEWS on the continuing occupation of Crimea and it is reported that now pro-Russian forces have moved from Crimea up into the mainland of Ukraine.

Simon Ostrovsky was detained by troops who have moved out of Crimea and into the Ukrainian mainland. He and two cameramen where roughed up and detained before being released.

In the next film at the beginning you’ll see two historic scenes from Crimea, at the same spot. The old ruins are from the first ancient Greek settlers who established Greek city civilizations in what is now knows as Crimea.

Here is where Prince Vladimir of the KievanRus accepted Orthodox Christianity from the Greek Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople (Istanbul) as the official faith of the Slavic peoples in his kingdom.

Yesterday  Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced an aid plan for Crimea from the city of Moscow. When you think of it, quite a nice way of bribing the locals yet allowing Putin to do his “awe shucks” routine and spin it as just the idea of a brotherly city reaching out.

Here is the Sobyanin plan and most of this goes to Sevastopol:

– The city of Moscow will underwrite special “bonus” checks to Navy and Red Army veterans living in Sevastopol who served in the GPW/WWII.
– Moscow will supply Sevastopol with city maintenance equipment and trucks to better maintain the city.
– Pyotr Biryukov, Moscow’s Deputy Mayor of Housing & Public Works will send a team of building engineers to construct fourteen (14) multiple housing apartment buildings in Sevastopol.
– Moscow’s Department of Transportation has been ordered to select 30 trolleybuses and buses for shipment to Sevastopol to help modernize their aging fleet.
– Each Sevastopol school will receive ten (10) new computers with printers and office copiers. Each school will be gifted with new interactive whiteboards for classroom use.
– The Ministry of Emergency Situations will supply new hospital equipment and medicines for hospitals across Crimea and an undetermined number of ambulances is promised to be earmarked for Sevastopol.
– New transport vans with wheel chair lifts will be sent to Crimea along with rehabilitation exercise equipment for disabled persons.

Comment: Just your typical gift list from one brother/sister city to another. Move along folks, there is nothing to see here.

Bonus comment: There are many cities across Russia who would love to have a big brother like that.