Rearming Ukraine might not be a bad idea

Our fear of the further dismembering of Ukraine is unfortunately underway. The first video shows the celebrations of Independence Day in Donetsk two years ago with citizens singing the Ukrainian national anthem.

The news today however shows Donetsk in quite a different mood as groups of protesters have stormed government buildings and declared that Donetsk is now independent and called their state the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

The Czech President has just gone on record as saying that if Russia gobbles up more of Ukraine then NATO should consider getting involved. All along we’ve not supported NATO action in that part of the world but it gets sticky with the West’s commitment to protect Ukraine’s borders in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons in the “Budapest Memorandum” authorized by the US Senate and signed by President Bill Clinton in 1994.

If the countries involved can’t sit and come to agreements quickly then at the very least, the West should immediately begin steps to rearm Ukraine with nuclear weapons. That may be distasteful to many but frankly it is the only real equalizer in situations where a larger nation bullies her neighbors.


2 thoughts on “Rearming Ukraine might not be a bad idea

  1. Surely if the USA would rearm Ukraine with nuclear weapons, it would be the beginning of world war 3. Remember that NATO isn’t supposed to be there anyways, so Bill Clinton shouldn’t have signed the Budapest Memorandum, agreeing to protect Ukraine’s borders, because as you wrote before: “US foreign policy shares much of the blame for what is happening now in Eastern Europe. This isn’t solely the fault of the Obama administration either. When the Soviet Union began to fall, President Reagan promised Russia that NATO would not encroach on Russia’s borders. The promise was that if Mr Gorbachev would remove the Berlin Wall, then Germany is as far as NATO would go and the former Soviet republics could choose to remain independent or align themselves with a democratic Russia.”
    Should not the UN be handling this rather than the USA?


    1. mendeleyeev

      Yes the UN should but Russia wields a UN Security Council veto so that will not likely happen unless there is a further escalation of hostilities. Russia was also a signatory to the Budapest Memorandum and she is also to blame for violating those agreements.


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