Pussywillow Sunday День ваий!

День ваий!  They call it Palm Sunday in the West and we call it Pussywillow Sunday in the East. This year the date for Easter is the same in the Eastern and Western world and as this is not always the case, this Easter we have an opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of Christ together.

(photo: From Russia With Love)
(photo: From Russia With Love)

Across Asia and Easter Europe there were street vendors and kiosks selling bunches of pussywillow branches to folk on their way to Sunday liturgies.

(photo:  Elena Gladkova)
(photo: Elena Gladkova)

As we approach the final week of Easter or the Greek term which is пасха (Pas-hka), may God give you the ability to continue the Holy Fasting season and a time of reflection on our fallen humanity and His glorious resurrection.