Where the USA is — there is sorrow and death.

Russia, Ukraine

“Where the USA–there is sorrow and death.” Don’t shoot the messenger, but just as the message is disturbing, it is also accurate.

Just as unsettling is where the message originated: a prominent Ukrainian website that has long partnered with the West for democratic change in Eastern Europe. It is a turn in attitude which may well represent a sad reality settling in for Ukrainians who had hoped that the West/USA would stand with them in time of trouble.

Top line: “Where the USA–there is sorrow and death.” Sad, but as one who has been all over the world, there has never been a truer statement about my country. We used to be a beacon of hope to the world, but for at least a couple of decades we’ve been running on fumes from the past. We are not a beacon of hope today, and have not been for quite some time. Unfortunately, we still have the power to stir up trouble.

There are five columns, top to bottom, three rows. Column one is Moldova. The USA actively championed Moldova to turn West after the collapse of the USSR, and Moldova did, with a lot of encouragement from the CIA–only to be abandoned by the USA when a larger neighbor (Russia) decided to stop that progress. Those scenes in column one are real.

Column two is Chechnya. When the USSR collapsed, they wanted to be independent again, just like so many other former Soviet republics. They have oil, so of course the USA/CIA got into the mix. Two wars later, several hundred thousand civilians had died and today this Islamic republic is tightly controlled by Moscow. The USA switched sides after “9-11” as we thought that it was in our interest to partner with Putin to fight terrorists. Those scenes are real.

Column three is Dagestan. You likely know Dagestan from the Boston Marathon bombing, as that is where the Tsarnaev brothers were from. Dagestan is another Russian republic that wanted to regain independence from the Soviet demise. The USA quietly encouraged and aided, right up to the 1999 war with Russia. We then just as quietly exited, leaving the Dagestan people to fend for themselves against a vastly superior army. Those scenes are what really happened.

Column four is the country of Georgia. They did manage to leave the USSR, and the USA has been very active in Georgian politics ever since. When Russia decided to teach them a lesson in 2008, we pounded on the table and screamed from the mountaintops–and Georgia is a very mountainous country–but we did nothing when Russia invaded. Yes, those scenes are accurate.

Column five is Ukraine. The current administration, as stupid and useless as previous administrations, sent lots of “help” from the CIA to a parade of US Senators and cabinet officials. McCain and Nuland, damn you both, and please retire and stop running your mouths while pretending to know things that you really don’t. We tapped in to the desire of the Ukrainian people to be free. Apparently we thought that turning Ukraine over to the EU would be a cakewalk. Oops, epic fail.

Both the previous and current administrations pursued the so-called “domino theory” in which we could assist in triggering pro-democracy “spring” movements, and then step back to let the locals succeed in changing things. That doesn’t work too well when locals are left with little more than baseball bats to challenge tanks.

Both the previous and current administrations were/are dominated by naive and largely ignorant wonks, with no idea of what they started. The only difference between the former and the present is the increased effort to aid Islamic movements. Islam at the core is totally non-democratic, and any hope that we can pull such societies out of the 7th century and into modern life, is either grossly naive, or worse, purposeful.

Just like we abandoned the Czechs in 1956 and again in 1968, we rarely finish what we’ve started: Bay of Pigs or Vietnam, anyone? The question that many in the world ask today is: Why bother to stir up and start something that you don’t have the stomach to finish? In case we’ve ruffled a few feathers with this post, please don’t be offended when reminded that given our track record, the world has the right to question our motives…and our resolve.

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4 thoughts on “Where the USA is — there is sorrow and death.

  1. Russian state propaganda is only slightly less truthful than Islamic theology. I don’t defend Obama but I defend the United States of America which is the last best hope for humanity and you know this . . .


  2. It is simply not accurate to say that the USA did nothing when Russia invaded Georgia. On the contrary, let’s get it straight. George Bush, Jr. was President then, and he sent an Aircraft Carrier and parked it off the coast of Georgia, ostensibly for “humanitarian aid”, but let’s face it, Bush, Jr. had the cajones to stand-up to Putin and he did. Not only that but there were numerous flights of American cargo planes which were flown into Tbsili, again allegedly carrying medical supplies. At that point the Russians turned around and went back to their tiny little enclaves — they had been on the march towards Tbsili. The former President of Georgia was recently interviewed, and he stated unequivocally that the US help given by Bush, Jr. is what kept Putin from taking the entire country of Georgia. Please get your facts correct, you are in the wrong here.


  3. PS Did Russian State Security (the FSB) make veiled threats to your daughter, who is studying at the University of Moscow? Is that the real reason you’ve take a sudden pro-Putin turn?


  4. While it is true that the USA is the last beacon of hope, foreign policy has been greatly bungled for years. Decades.

    Truman’s idea of being Policeman to the World made us all feel good and stuck it to “those damn Reds”. But, nobody ever thought it all the way through. The results have been nothing short of disastrous because no one has the stones to see it to the end.

    Great blog, BTW. Just found it…and added it to Favorites. Can’t wait to read more.



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