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Russian language

One of our favourite tasks at the Mendeleyev Journal is to help aspiring students learn more about the Russian language. That being said, we invite readers to take advantage of our resources here at the Journal:

– The Cyrillic alphabet.

Russian grammar.

– The Mendeleyev Journal directory of Russian language resources.

– Learning to read Russian signs.

– Learning Russian words and phrases.

– Learn all about Russian names.

Another great way to gain understanding of the Russian language is via localized sources and in this edition we turn to Sophia Tupolev. Sophia is a Russian-American, a seasoned expat in Moscow, and founder/director of the Russian Conversation Club. The club meets each Sunday, by advance invitation, and gives participants the opportunity to practice using the language in a friendly setting.

Sophia is also the Russia representative for American Citizens Abroad, an expat rights group, and most of all she is a fluent speaker of the language. We really enjoyed her recent article in the Moscow Expat Life magazine titled, Five Key Russian Words to Unlock the Soul.

Sophia suggests that the five words to unlock the Russian soul include Ремонт (pronounced reh-mont) meaning ‘renovations.’  Завтра (pronounced zavtra) means ‘tomorrow.’ Можно (pronounced mozhno) means ‘May I’ or ‘You may.’ Дача (pronounced dacha) meaning ‘country house” and the fifth word is Maмa (pronounced mah-mah), the woman who brought you into this world.

Sophia explains these terms and their unique place in Russian language, and the mysterious Russian soul. You may read the full article here.

If you’d like to know more about the Russian Conversation Club, check out the video below:

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