Ukraine sings a new song

This is a very powerful song, especially when you consider the history of these two nations. It has been said that it took a powerful dictator to turn Ukrainians against Russia. That is for the reader to decide.

Our first experiences in Russia revealed a common feeling across the land that viewed Ukrainians, much like Belorussians, as “little brothers,” who needed the protection of a big and wiser brother. Often that has translated into unchecked feelings of superiority–and one can see that being played out in politics and the war in Eastern Ukraine today.

To be sure, there will be those who will say that this song was a project of the CIA, or the EU, or whoever. What naysayers cannot deny however, is the sad truth that the bonds of brotherhood between Russia and Ukraine have been broken by aggression and war.

That makes this song not only powerful, but sobering.


One thought on “Ukraine sings a new song

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. What the speaker said is true. And the stack of bodies on both sides speaks to the strength of that mutual enmity. But the fact is there is family on both sides of the border and most sane people want it like it used to be.

    I also want to salute my brothers in democracy working to save Russia from this monster.


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