Court declares Navalny guilty!

Someone is afraid. In a case where the supposed defrauded doesn’t know that they were defrauded, Navalny was still found guilty. Hi brother Oleg will spend 3.5 years in a prison colony. However, Alexei received a 3.5 year suspended sentence.

Our translation: Someone is afraid to stir the public, but still sent the message that “see what I can do to your family. Learn this lesson and law low, or else we’ll be back with more trumped up charges and your brother will spend a lot longer in prison than 3.5 years.”

The government is warning that tonight’s protest march will be suppressed. A very large police presence has been on the scene all day in anticipation of the rally. After the verdict was read, Navalny attempted to join protestors who were gathering at Manezhnaya Square, near the Kremlin. He was detained and not allowed to attend the rally.

Now, at night time, there is a large protest in the centre of Moscow and police are periodically arresting participants, although the protest (allowed by the Constitution, but prohibited by the government) is peaceful. Those who would like to watch how such things work in a police state can watch live streaming here: