Russian Muslim Leaders Condemn Both Terrorists and Newspaper

From today’s Moscow Times:

Russia’s Muslim leaders have condemned the terror attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo but appeared to spread the blame for the mass shooting that claimed 12 lives by suggesting the publication was guilty of the “sin of provocation.”

While Russia’s Council of Muftis, the country’s main Muslim leadership organization, said in a statement Wednesday that terrorism is indefensible, it also suggested that attacks may be unavoidable unless satirists stop “provoking” the faithful.

“Perhaps the sin of provocation in our world is no less dangerous for the preservation of peace than the sin of those who are capable of succumbing to that provocation,” the group said in a statement published on its website.

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3 thoughts on “Russian Muslim Leaders Condemn Both Terrorists and Newspaper

  1. There is no excuse for the cold-blooded murder of these people. Still, I agree with the comment about the ‘sin of provocation’ as these were not simply editorial cartoons but vile caricatures that blasphemed all faiths.


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