Heroes on the front in Eastern Ukraine

One cannot think about Ukraine without giving due to her heroes. Some are professional soldiers, but most are volunteers who have hastily trained and then traveled to the Eastern front, even when ill-equipped. They are motivated by a deep desire to serve their country.

hero c

These are some of the faces of the men and women who have taken up arms in the just cause of defending their Ukrainian homeland, even against a much larger and deadly enemy. Sadly, both Ukraine and Russia were birthed in Ukraine. Close brothers for generations; those brotherly ties are fading fast.

hero lady a

This installment of “heroes” is dedicated to the brave souls who lost their lives in fighting yesterday: Olga Shudikina, Inna Kornilova, Larisa Starchak, Roman Kolomoets, Tetyana Morgasuk, Oleksandr Morgasuk, Vladislav Polyakov, Maria Grinnik, Dmitro Dukov, Anastasia Logutkina, and Anatoly Karpov. May God forgive their sins from this life, grant each of them eternal rest in His presence, wipe away all tears and sorrow, and comfort their families. Eternal memory.

hero sleep a

Thanks to Western nations like Canada, Italy and Poland for beginning to help modernize and equip these heroes. In addition to defensive weapons and materials, first air supplies, food, modern helmets, warm outer clothing, and a good night’s sleep are in short supply.