What Will Happen to Ukraine?

In the first Gulf war, the USA took the opportunity to test all the new toys against Saddam’s Russian-supplied arms. It was no contest.

In this war, the shoe is on the other foot: Russian president Putin is convinced that within a decade, if not even sooner, Russia will have a direct conflict with the West (NATO/USA). It is a battle for which he has been in preparation. So, now he is testing. As just one example, those new air defense systems his troops now use in Ukraine obviously were not purchased down at the lakeside bait and tackle shop. Neither were the new Strela rocket systems found at the Army Surplus store.

Putin is banking on “sooner than later,” and that is one reason why he do not seem to care how much suffering goes on at home–because when the real battle begins, he is confident that the Russian people will see the wisdom of his planning and foresight.

Russia is taking her time in a two-pronged strategy because they have a lot of new toys:

– Testing and training exercises within her own borders, but close to Ukraine.

– Then sending in select units across the border to gain live action experience after the training exercises. That is why there are frequent rotations of Russian regulars in and out of Ukraine.

That being said, Putin has no motivation for a negotiated settlement, unless it is strongly in his favour. He is practicing for a much bigger battle ahead. The Ukrainians are the JV, and his forces are the Varsity. He will practice and perfect his Army’s abilities until either he wins, or he is forced to go home.

The fact remains that control of the whole of Ukraine is important for Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union. There are a number of ways to realize that control, and marching into Kyiv, a costly adventure, will not be necessary if the EU hands him Ukraine on a platter.


The next redheaded spy from Russia?

Wait….she is Russian….and redheaded?!

Is she a spy, like the redheaded Anna Chapman?

No, Anna Chapman this is not, but Marina V as her stage name goes, is a young Russian redheaded gal who cooks, writes, and sings. Oh, and she lives in Los Angeles.

Okay, red hair like Anna Chapman. Pretty, like Anna Chapman. Lives in Los Angeles. Of course that settles it; she is a spy!

But wait, she has taken an old Neil Diamond song, Solitary Man, and translated it into Russian. She sings it in Russia.

Maybe, just maybe, she might be legitimate.

Solitary Man perhaps is not the best of her work, but she gets a solid A+ for the thought and the effort. Besides, she knows how to make borsch. A pretty young redheaded Russian borsch-making, Neil Diamond fan: now that is an impressive deep cover.

But just think about it, any Russian who even knows about, and likes Neil Diamond, simply cannot be a spy.

She is just a pretty redhead from Russia who lives in Los Angeles. And, she sings.

We like that.