Holodomor: Class Warfare and Confiscatory Taxation in the Extreme

The Holodomor, mass starvation of Ukrainian peasants in 1932-1933, was a prime example of class warfare and confiscatory taxation.

Shameful journalists, some of them from the West, promoted the lie that the famine was really nothing more than a “hunger protest” against progressive Socialist policies by rich farmers.

First, the government used confiscatory taxation to seize assets, then when people began to starve they seemed unable, and unwilling, to do what was necessary to save lives. The sad truth: Stalin and the Communists meant for millions to die. It was the class warfare cleansing of Ukraine.

To be blunt, we should not be so surprised at the nationalistic pride many Ukrainians feel, and for their anger against Russian oppression and occupation.

Our American readers should also understand that when political parties, such as the party of Barrack Obama, promote class warfare, the logical conclusion can too quickly be taken to the extreme.