Russian Snipers Killed Ukrainian Protesters on Maidan?

девушки разбирают мостовую
Young adults tear up the streets to arm fighters who are using bricks to fight off tanks, grenades and snipers. (Photo: Ilya Varlamov)

A new French documentary completed for French Television channel 3, claims that the snipers who fired on, and killed some 100 protesters during the Maidan revolution were Russian special forces quietly brought in to suppress the revolution.

You can read a brief of their report in English here.

While we at the Mendeleyev Journal have made no judgment regarding their claim, we do find the proposition to warrant being worthy of investigation.


Russian Television Introduces Syrian Bombing Weather Forecasts

If one needed any further proof that Russian media is only too happy to support the Kremlin, the government owned national network Rossiya 24, a news channel, is now doing regular Syrian weather reports.

Syria weather Rossiaya 24 c

The network has a special meteorologist who monitors and broadcasts bombing weather forecasts. Her reports, complete with satellite maps and photos, are sort of a (paraphrased) “we bombed the crap out of this area today as the rain poured down. But, tomorrow it will be sunny.”

Kremlin apologists theorize that good weather forecasting helps the military be more accurate when bombing a location, and thus saving taxpayers money.

Syria weather Rossiaya 24 b

However, not all viewers find the forecasts in good taste and Russian social media has been abuzz with comments, negative and positive.

(Photos are screenshots)

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