Russian Snipers Killed Ukrainian Protesters on Maidan?

девушки разбирают мостовую
Young adults tear up the streets to arm fighters who are using bricks to fight off tanks, grenades and snipers. (Photo: Ilya Varlamov)

A new French documentary completed for French Television channel 3, claims that the snipers who fired on, and killed some 100 protesters during the Maidan revolution were Russian special forces quietly brought in to suppress the revolution.

You can read a brief of their report in English here.

While we at the Mendeleyev Journal have made no judgment regarding their claim, we do find the proposition to warrant being worthy of investigation.


4 thoughts on “Russian Snipers Killed Ukrainian Protesters on Maidan?

  1. Very possible, but my opinion is doubtful. I would HOPE that Russia is not going down the rabbit hole that the US and the west has fully gone down into in the area of regime change.
    is is possible that they were Russian snipers, but were soldiers of fortune? Paid to do XYZ by say Victoria Nuland and her cabal?
    This is one of those things that will never be known and will disappear into the black hole of history, forgotten because “they” want it forgotten.
    It was wrong.


    1. mendeleyeev

      Having covered the events, we would likely pin those on Ukrainian military or Russian special forces snipers.Maidan, unlike what some think, was truly a movement of the people against a corrupt government. As to regime change, both sides practice it unfortunately. That is exactly what Russia is doing in Eastern Ukraine, another place we have covered.


    2. mendeleyeev

      Perhaps that is the difference between those who live her, and those with conspiracy theories from afar. It was wrong, and we are no fans of Obama or Nuland, but very likely they were Russian special forces.


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