Woman Holds Severed Head of Child at Metro

After an hour of parading back and forth in front of Subway and KFC cafes near the October Fields Metro station, Moscow police have arrested an Uzbek woman who severed the head of a child she was babysitting.

woman head ruposters
Photo credit: ruposters.ru

Muscovite Alyona Kuratova told TV “Rain” reporters, “I came out of the shopping center and they would not let me through. There were people running and screaming “bomb, bomb.”  

The woman paced back and forth while holding the child’s severed head and witnesses say that she shouted slogans like “Allahu Akbar.” The woman shouted that she had a bomb, causing residents to stand back and wait for police.

Moscow police closed off the Metro exit prior to rushing out from the Metro stairway and wrestling her to the ground. Street surveillance cameras show the child’s head rolling on the sidewalk as the woman was tackled.

In a released statement Russia’s Investigative Committee said it was believed that the woman is a nanny in her 30s who was babysitting the 4 year old girl for her parents. Another child is normally in the home, but investigators say that the older child left in the morning with the parents as they went to work.

Russian television network LifeNews has tentatively identified the woman as Gyulchekhra Bobokulova,  a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan. Investigators say that the killer waited for the parents to leave, then killed the girl and removed her head before setting the apartment on fire.

Investigators who arrived at the apartment with fire crews reported finding the headless body of a small girl.