Loose Cannons in Russian Army

The Russian city of Novosibirsk has been a major staging area for sending Russian army regulars to fight in Eastern Ukraine. Stripped of insignia and anything that would identify the Russian military, men and equipment regularly make the trek from this city to Ukraine.

On 8 May however the Russians discovered a loose cannon in their ranks-literally. While rounding a corner to take the highway out of the city, one cannon broke loose and provided for a little excitement on the streets of Novosibirsk.

Authorities claim the unmarked equipment was en route to a Victory Day parade.


4 thoughts on “Loose Cannons in Russian Army

  1. I love speculation! Did anyone follow any of these convoys to it’s final destination?
    Today’s ‘media’ is FULL of this, spread one little tidbit of information, true or false, and it goes viral as being truth. THAT is how the main stream media get so much traction, they spread one little tidbit of spectacular NOTHING, and it suddenly becomes an end of the earth crisis. Do any realistic investigation and you find a mole hill, not Mt Everest!
    NOW, assuming the destination IS eastern Ukraine: Let’s take a CLOSE look at the TRILLIONS of dollars of weapons illegally supplied to the terrorists (alleged ‘good’ terrorists) in the middle east by CIA? Right after Russia announced it’s invite and movement into Syria, there was a flurry of documented flights of C130s dumping millions of pounds of arms into eastern Syria….


    1. Actually we have! There is plenty of evidence, but then again there are paid trolls, like yourself, who wouldn’t believe it even if we dragged you to the front lines.


    1. The military during the times of the Tsars was more basic in that there was less of modern technology and more of ordinary horse and wagons in times of battle.


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