Fourth of July in Moscow

Spaso House 4th a

The 4th of July is celebrated in Moscow at Spaso House, the home of the US Ambassador to Russia since 1933. Spaso House is the Ambassador’s residence, not the Embassy, and is located at #10 Spasopeskovskaya Square.

If memory serves correctly, there is a precise 7-step formula for celebrating the 4th in America: beer-BBQ-beer-hamburgers/hotdogs-beer-potato salad (potatoe for you Brits)-beer. In that exact order. Parades, flags, fireworks, apple pie and ice cream, etc, are merely garnishments (patriotic styled condiments) to the above, and optional.
Spaso House 4th b
Not being much of a drinker, well aside from the obligatory vodka and champagne toasts at the New Year, so admittedly this editor is out of sync with the American precise 7-step formula. My quest to acquire an American beer was a failure. There was a “Union Jack” beer, but it represented the wrong side of that conflict.
Some readers might suggest that it would be appropriate to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” That was no help either. Jesus had class–he was a wine guy. You must admit that he didn’t turn the water into Bud Light any more than he turned it into Tang as some mistakenly believe. Judging from the comments recorded at the wedding feast, Jesus knew his wines.
Belgium ipa

With all other options exhausted, it was deemed necessary to settle for a Belgium IPA. Belgium succeeded in seceding (gawd, we are good!) from the Netherlands in 1830, and so it seemed that the revolutionary spirit might come alive in their “Rampant” Imperial IPA. Sadly, something is missing–maybe it is the fireworks-but if anyone wishes to try one, there is about half of a small 355ml bottle sitting in the fridge. Help yourself. It is time to join Jesus for a glass of wine.



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  1. Mendy, the photo of “a Belgium IPA” that accompanies this article is, in fact, a product of the ‘New Belgium’ craft brewery, located in the certainly all-American city of Fort Collins, Colorado. Being a lapsed Coloradoan, formerly residing near Ft. Collins, I am a loyal customer of New Belgium (my favorite being ‘Abbey’, fashioned after the great Trappist ales of Belgium). A highlight of any visit to Ft. Collins would be a visit to New Belgium’s fantastic tasting room, near Ft. Collins’ Old Town.

    CC3 (formerly of RWD, until banned last month)


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