Farewell to Pavel Sheremet

Pavel Sheremet was fond of saying that, “The world can be better…,” but right now we honestly wonder, how? When will the killing stop? Does journalism matter in a world so corrupt? Can transparency make a difference?

Pavel Sheremet radio
photo: Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe

Thanks to Meduza correspondent Katerina Gordeeva, a former Sheremet colleague who penned a wonderful tribute Wednesday afternoon in honour of her fallen friend. She recalled that, “The main thing about Pasha was his broad smile. And his belly laughs. Sheremet could laugh so hard, so contagiously and carefree, in a way it seems is possible only for children and those rare adults with a clear conscience….he believed quite childishly that the world can be changed for the better, if only you speak the truth.”

Pavel Sheremet c

In hindsight, it seems fitting that it was Pavel Sheremet who helped lead the memorial services for his friend, slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. Boris was gunned down on the streets of Moscow in February 2015, just steps from the Kremlin. Pavel was killed by a car bomb Wednesday in the centre of Kyiv (Kiev) while on his way to host his daily radio show.

Pavel Sheremet hand

A farewell service is planned today (Friday) in Kyiv, after which it is expected that his body will be flown to Minsk, his birthplace. Belarus stripped Pavel of his citizenship after covering the massive citizen election protests of 2010, but Belarusian authorities are expected to allow a Паннихида (memorial service) to take place on Saturday in All Saints’ Church at 121 Kalinovskaya Street, at the corner of Kalinovskaya and Vsesvyatskaya in Minsk.

Minsk All Saints Church
All Saints Orthodox Church in Minsk, Belarus.

Pavel is expected to be laid to rest next to his father’s grave in Northern Cemetery, outside the city in the Minsk region, south of SD Yakubovich. Pavel is survived by his mother.

May God have mercy on his soul, and grant his servant Pavel eternal memory.