Rest in Peace: Pavel Sheremet

First in Kyiv (Kiev) and then in Minsk, thousands stood in line to say farewell to slain journalist Pavel Sheremet who was murdered when a car bomb exploded under the car he was driving last Wednesday.

Pavel Sheremet kiev rest

Sheremet’s funeral was held at All Saints Orthodox Cathedral in Minsk, the city of his birth. He was buried next to his father in a cemetery outside of Minsk.

In the video below, the hand clapping is a symbol of resistance as the government of Belarus has outlawed the clapping of hands in public. Public hand clapping became a symbol of opposition to the dictatorship after the government ordered that public gatherings of opposition groups were to be non-verbal.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered round the clock bodyguards for Olena Prytula, Pavel’s partner. She is the founding editor of Ukrainska Pravda newspaper. Just a few years ago one of the newspaper’s journalists was murdered while covering corruption stories regarding president Viktor Yanukovich who was ousted in the 2014 revolution.

Pavel Sheremet and Boris Nemtsov
Slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov (February 2015) at left with recently murdered opposition journalist Pavel Sheremet (July 2016).

Speaking to reporters while under house arrest in Moscow, Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny said of Sheremet: “Governments always knew that he understood them well and always hated him for that. Sheremet faced jail in Belarus, he was persecuted in Russia, and he was being followed in Ukraine.”

In the video below, Pavel interviewed Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov who was murdered in Moscow in 2015.

pavel sheremet radio 2

“Россия семимильными шагами движется к катастрофе, которую, мне кажется, остановить нельзя…” – Павел Шеремет  (Russia is moving by leaps and bounds to the catastrophe, which, it seems to me, can not be stopped … ” – Pavel Sheremet.

Pavel Sheremet studio a
Pavel hosted a daily news show on Radio Vesti.