Recent European Birthdays

Almaty, the former capital and still a major city of Kazakhstan. Birthplace of the apple, and turned 1,000 years old recently. Coming in at a not even close second is KLM airlines, the Royal Dutch Airline at 97 years old!.

One of the most beautiful Kazakh landmarks is the Ascension Russian Orthodox Cathedral, sometimes called the Zenkov Cathedral after the esteemed architect who designed it, was completed in 1907. The Soviets turned the building into a museum and the regions radio station transmitters were housed in the bell towers.


Although it is the second tallest wooden Cathedral in the world, not a single nail was used in the construction. Today, many experts believe that the technique of interlocking joints, instead of nails, made it possible for the Cathedral to withstand the great Central Asian earthquake of 1911.


KLM is one of our favourite airlines. Why? Certainly not because they wimp out by taking the first 3 rows of coach, place a “not available” sign in the middle seat, and declare the section to be first class. No, it is because they are Dutch, and “if it isn’t Dutch–it isn’t much!”

Who remembers their daughter airline, ALM, that for years served the Antilles and the Caribbean?