The Murder of Pavel Sheremet Still Stings

In just a few days those who loved and admired Pavel Sheremet will recall that fateful day, 20 July 2016, when one of the most outspoken and influential journalists of this region was murdered in a fiery car bombing while idling at an intersection in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.


Closing in on four months later investigators still have not named a single suspect. Perhaps, some say, that is because investigators believe the murder was the work of one of the Russian security services. If that were true, the two countries are already at war in Eastern Ukraine, and revealing details of the murder might lead to a wider regional conflict was the response from one source.

One week after the bombing, police released video footage from CCTV cameras of two individuals seen near the parked car in the early hours of that morning. The footage showed a man and woman in loose-fitting track suits. Baseballs caps prevented their faces from being seen and police say the video shows the woman planting the bomb while the man was the lookout.

Writing in the KyivPost, Taras Kuzio, a leading expert in Ukrainian political and security affairs remarked that the Sheremet murder, “was a direct attack on Ukrainian democracy. And, if Russia is behind the murder, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is not any better at “investigating” – especially as it seems there are Russian spies in the structure.”

Meanwhile, we wait…