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The mission of The Mendeleyev Journal is to provide readers with a consistent and purposeful look at Russia, Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia.  While often covering news events, the primary focus is on the development of the life, culture and history which makes up the rich heritage of the countries known as the “former Soviet Union.”


+ Email: info@mendeleyevjournal.com

+ Locations: Moscow, Russia; Phoenix, USA

Moscow: just 5 minutes from Metro station Kozhukhovskaya

Associate correspondents from these capitals:
Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Minsk, Belorussia (Belarus)

Tblisi, Republic of Georgia

Media Projects:

+  World Channel One Media Services – customized media coverage of news, events and culture from Russia and the CIS republics.

+ My Favorite Channel Media Group, Inc.  Smooth Jazz at http://www.SmoothFavorites.com

+ USA Column, Bolshoi (Большой) Magazine, Moscow, Russia

Executive Editor with a glass of KBAC, the national drink of Russia. Made of black bread, “Ka-vas” is sold everywhere from street kiosks to parks to supermarkets.

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