Happy birthday, Barbie dolls!

Barbie is 55 years old. She is still younger than some of us at the Mendeleyev Journal but 55 is a recognition of the staying power of the world’s most famous doll from generation to generation of little girls. Very impressive!

Barbie anniversary RBTH

Six Russian designers have come up with new Russian style fashions for Barbie; Kira Plastinina, Alena Ahmadullina, Alexander Arutyunov, Anastasia Romantsova , Oleg Ovsiev and Natasha Goldenberg.

Several of the Russian Barbie dolls were outfitted with the famous Orenburg shawls accompanied with fur headbands, pearl earrings and shoes with silk laces.

According to Russia Beyond the Headlines, the new doll collection will be available for sale during the International Charity Bazaar, with money raised from the sale of Barbie dolls in Russian designer outfits benefiting Russian charities.

Popular Russian singer Alla Pugacheva has agreed to model for a new series of Barbie dolls.

Barbie anniversary doll based on singer Alla Pugacheva.
Barbie’s new Russian line will be based on pop singer Alla Pugacheva.

Our Russian speaking subscribers can read more at woman.ru


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Summer preparations for winter: firewood

When you have very cold winter temperatures, unless your home is in a city with central steam heat boilers every few blocks to pipe in some warmth, one needs a very large firewood supply.

Firewood stacks.

Scenes like these are common in the countryside as farms and villagers stock up wood which will be needed in the coming winter months for heating and cooking.

Orthodox nuns stacking firewood.

Monasteries and Convents often provide their own winter heat fuel by gathering and cutting wood from nearby forests.