Russian Breakfast and Specialty foods

Reader Larry recently mentioned Natasha’s Kitchen, and it is a valuable resource. So, this morning seemed like a good time to look over her latest offerings. Front and centre was her take on “kasha” (Каша). Kasha is a Jewish term that translates as “porridge.” Often it is called гречка (grechka).

kasha box

First, we need to discover what kasha is, and what it is not. Natasha says, “Buckwheat is a superfood that you may not know about. It’s definitely under-appreciated and under-utilized in the US, but everyone should know how healthy and scrumptious it is! I love it more than rice or quinoa. It’s also completely gluten free! It’s name is a little deceiving because it’s called buckwheat but there is no relation to wheat – none whatsoever!”

You can access step-by-step cooking instructions at this link.

Kasha is traditionally eaten not only for breakfast, but it a staple at every holiday.

There are other ways to prepare kasha, in addition to serving it as a hot cereal. Some use it to make pancakes, or even to bake bread. An old Russian-Jewish recipe combines kasha with onions and pasta:

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