Russian Language

So you wish to learn Russian?

Great idea! The Mendeleyev Journal pages on learning Russia are designed to help you, so let’s get started!


The very best language resources to assist your Russian studies.

The Cyrillic alphabet learning tools are on this page.

Some common Russian phrases can be found at this page.

Learning Russian grammar will help advance your skills.

The Russian numbers along with the days and months of the year are essential.

It is amazing how often we speak of colours in everyday speech.

Learning Russian names, formal and informal versions, are essential in everyday Russian.

A great learning tool is to practice reading Russian signs and advertising.

Russian is a very musical language and listening to music is a great way to train yourself to properly form words.

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When in Moscow, make plans to join the Russian Conversation Club hosted by Sophie Tupolev. RSVP is required so that the group can plan the events. The club meets each Sunday in Moscow and it is a great place to learn more about the great city while honing your Russian language skills by practicing with other native English speakers.

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This kiosk not far from Red Square sells food products, etc. Can you name any of them?

Thanks for allowing the Mendeleyev Journal to help you begin and/or advance your study of the Russian language. We continually add new features so be sure to stop by often.

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