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Welcome to the Mendeleyev Journal radio page. We attempt to list the top radio stations of Russia and Ukraine. If you find a link that is not working, please email our staff. Listening to Russian language stations is helpful to keep abreast of the news, to enjoy different styles of music, and is an excellent resource for learning how Russian words and sounds are spoken.

There is a separate page for readers/listeners looking specifically for Russian Orthodox media and you can find that here.

Thank you for your interest in Russian language media. Enjoy!

Moscow Stations:


FM Radio Freedom   Radio Svoboda (Freedom)





Echo Moscow. Mainly independent, this 24 hour Talk station is owned by Gazprom Media, part of Russia’s giant oil and gas company. Echo Moscow is one of the premier talk and news stations in Moscow.



FM vesna

Follow the logo and then click on the play button to listen to Vesna FM. Moscow’s adult favourites station.



 FM rusradio


 Ruskoe Radio-Moscow is a great station for Russian pop music by all the top Russian singers and bands.



Radio Mayak is one of the national networks owned by the Russian government, Radio Mayak is broadcast across the nation in a variety format of music, talk and news. Watch the studio via live webcam here.



 mic sm

Business FM Moscow: 24 hours Business and News.

FM moscowfm


MOSCOW FM. (Click on the play button in the middle of the page.) English language for expats and tourists in Moscow. This station features an eclectic mix of English language music and talk shows. Newscasts are anchored by Russian English speakers from Russia Today TV.




PCH Radio: (RSN) the national news resources of the Russian News Agency.

FM Moscow Speaks: News and Talk


FM Record

  RECORD FM: Dance Hits from Moscow.


FM Ultra


RADIO ULTRA: Rockin’ Moscow.


 FM Radio Romantika

Radio Romantika – all love songs, all the time.



FM Radio Classic   Radio Svoyo (Classical music)


FM Radio Russian Songs



Radio Russian Songs: the best Russian song variety.



FM Smooth Jazz


FM Smooth Jazz – Moscow

FM Traditional Jazz – Moscow




Radio Monte Carlo-Moscow presents pop hits and oldies in a very nice presentation. Once the link loads, click on the play  arrow to listen.



Radio Monte Carlo-Sweet mixes dance/techno and smooth pop in a nice presentation. (When the link loads click the arrow button on the player)




Monte Carlo-Nights features smooth and romantic jazz songs that are perfect for the night.



Monte Carlo Bossa Nova is your link to great jazz instrumentals and vocals with some refreshing “chill” songs from time to time.



Radio Culture (Культура)-Moscow is one of the nicest and most pleasant stations when you’re ready to relax.




Radio Retro – Moscow. If you like oldies and flashbacks to the past, then you’ll enjoy Radio Retro!

FM Relax
Relax FM: Moscow’s relaxing smooth jazz and European easy listening music.




Radio Nashe-Moscow is a contemporary and hip-hop station.


FM rr




FM “Radio Radio” is Moscow’s dance and party station! Click on the logo and the play button will begin.


Saint Petersburg Stations:
FM Fontanka – Saint Petersburg, a blend of Rock and News programming.

FM grad petrov
GRAD-PETROV, Saint Petersburg
Radio RDD: Best Loved Songs – Saint Petersburg
FM Radio Medley SP 
Radio MedleySaint Petersburg

Novosibirsk Stations:

FM Unitron Novosibirsk


   Radio Unitron is an exciting music blend for young adults.



FM Radio Slovo

Radio Slovo in Novosibirsk.




Kazan and Tatarstan stations:

FM kazak

Kazak FM is an ethnic station serving the nation from Tatarstan.



FM kuraiRadio Kuray-Kazan is definitely an Asian station.  Located in the heart of Tatarstan, a self-ruling Muslim republic, you’ll hear more of the Tatar language ‘Татарча’ a language of the Turkish family.



Ufa Region Stations:


FM Uldash Ufa 
 FM Uldash from Ufa, Russia.

FM Sputnik UFa

 FM Sputnik, Ufa Russia.



Chelyabinsk Region Stations:

 FM LORE_2-tunein

 Radio Lore  from Asha Russia (Chelyabinsk Oblast): songs in a blend of Russian and English.



Tomsk Region Stations:

 FM Tomsk

Radio Tomsk in Tomsk, Russia. Popular hits and news. Click the play arrow near the top left of the home page.

Samara Region Stations:

mic sm


  TOK FMSamara, Russia: a variety of music and news.


FM Love Samara

Love FM-Samara: Love songs.



Ekaterinaburg Stations:

FM Gorod Yekatin  

  City Radio-Ekaterinaburg: variety of music and news.



FM Radio Pilot Yekat

Radio Pilot-Ekaterinaburg: a bit of everything from Russian to American music, pop to dance to rock.


Radio Borneo-Vorenzh Stations:

FM Radio Bernoe

Radio Borneo: pop and dance music with news programmes.



FM BBC World  BBC Russia: English language service from London and Moscow.



Kyiv (Kiev) Stations:


FM Radio Melodnya Kyiv  Radio Melodia – Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine



FM Hit Kyiv  Radio Hit – Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine.



FM Gala Kyiv

Gala FM – Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine




FM 24 Kiev

  Radio 24-Kyiv: Popular music, oldies, and news. Follow the link to the home page and click on the play arrow.




FM Kiss Kyiv   KISS FM-Kyiv: Dance and trance music.



Crimea Regional Stations:

FM yalta_fm_logotip_vektor


 Yalta FM – Crimea. Note: this station is dark, shut down by the Russian government after the illegal annexation of Crimea. We will not forget the voices in Crimea who for now, have no voice. 


Dnipropetrovsk Stations:

FM Radio Mix Dniper

  Radio Mix FM: popular hits.


mic sm

Europa Plus-Dnipropetrovsk: popular European hits.



Lviv Region (Ukraine) Stations:

FM Lviv Galichina


Galichina Radio-Lviv, Ukraine




FM Radio Lux Lyiv

Radio Lux-Lviv, Ukraine



Kharkiv (Kharkov) Region Stations:

FM Best Kharkiv

  Best FMKharkiv, Ukraine

Best FM-Mariupol, Ukraine


 Odessa Region Stations:


mic sm

Armjanskoe FM-Odessa, Ukraine



Radio from Belarus:

A dictatorship, the government  of Belarus has shut down international/internet broadcasts of stations inside Belarus as punishment for airing listener comments critical of the Belarussian Dictator/President-for-Life.  We will keep this notice on our list as a ‘silent’ protest against freedom of speech and the media in Belarus.

Here is a link to the official government media.


Radio from the Republic of Georgia:


mic sm


  Georgia Radio-Tbilsi-Channel One: music and news.




FM GIPA Georgia

Radio GIPA (Georgia): music and News.





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