Bulgarian Music

At first glance most visitors imagine that music in Bulgaria is closely related to European or even western styles. Well, after a quick glance at the map and seeing that 4 of Bulgaria’s 5 neighbors are Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia, you may understand that Bulgaria might be a member of the European Union, but its most definitely an Eastern oriented country in many ways.

That includes music styling in large part. Our first video is of Nevena Coneva, winner of the Bulgarian Idol award. You may not fully appreciate the music, but apparently Bulgarians do as she is wildly popular. She certainly won over the crowds are the Eurovision, too!

Time for some Bulgarian pop music. 

So, watch the next video and let us know what you think of Gloria. Her music, that is, we already know that she is very lovely.

Okay, here is Mendeleyev’s favourite type of Bulgarian music – pure human voices in incredible harmony:

Finally, traditional Bulgarian music as part of the evening entertainment at a popular restaurant:

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