Russian pop: Female artists

Татьяна Буланова (Tatiana Bulanova) –  “Черемшина” (Cherry) is a love song first introduced in 1961. Covered by various pop singers it remains popular in Eastern Europe.

Кристина Орбакайте (Kristina Orbakaite) – Хвaтит Шoy (Enough to Show)

Neoclubber – Только я и ты (Only You and I)

Инь – Ян (Ying -Yang) – Не отпускай моей руки (Don’t Let Go of My Hands)

Полина Гагарина (Polina Gagarina) – Нет (No)

Элина (Elina) – Ты Не Мой (You’re Not Mine)

The “5 Sta” family with Тук-Тук (Here-Here):

Эльвира T (Elvira T) sings Все решено (All Agreed)

She is a chart topper and her CDs and concerts are a hit. Here she is, Ани Лорак (Ani Lorak) with С первого взгляда (At First Glance).

Aeлйн (Aelyn) with Для тебя (For You)

Шоколадка (Chocolatka) – Лечу На Моря (Flying At Sea)

Ольга Лозина (Olga Lozina) sings Набери мой номер (Dial my Number)

Here is the girl group Серебро (Serebro) with Опиум (Opium)

Brezhnev is back in Russia! Well, Vera Brezhneva, that is. And she is a lot prettier and better sounding that the old Communist dictator could imagine. Вера Брежнева (Vera Brezhnev) with я здесь (I’m Here):

One of the hottest girls groups is known as основной инстинкт (Basic Instinct). This is their song последний раз (The Last Time):

Tatyana (Татьяна Богачёва) with Sergei Lazarev (Сергей Лазарев) with “Shattered Dreams”

Валерия (Valeria)Человек дождя (Rain man)

Света Светикова (Sveta Svetikova) – “Разве ты не знаешь” (Unless you don’t know)

Инна Маликова (Inna Malikova) – всё что было  (All that Was)

Пелагея (Pelageya) and Дарья Мороз (Daria Moroz) sing Ольга (Olga)

Алсу и Сергей Мироян (Alsou & Sergei Miroyan) – Свет в твоем окне (Light in Your Window)

Жасмин (Jasmine) sings Ты далеко (You’re Far Away)

Even young Russians listen to and respect the old songs from Russia’s past. In that vein here is Пелагея (Pelageya) and Дарья Мороз (Daria Moroz) with Конь (Horse):

Our feature of exceptional Russian Male singers can be found here.

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