RusAero crash kills 44

The crash of a Russian airliner Monday evening has left 44 dead so far out of 43 passengers and the flight crew. Airline officials list 9 crew members on the manifest and some may have been flight employees not on duty. Sources say that 8 persons are hospitalized. All of the injured are in intensive care with multiple injuries and burns. One of the hospitalized victims suffered an apparent heart attack during the crash.

(photo: zabinok/livejournal)

The fatalities include well-known soccer referee Vladimir Pettai and a Swedish citizen. The Tu-134 airliner crashed in the country’s northwestern Republic of Karelia near the town of Petrozavodsk late on Monday.

A RusAero flight, the Tu-134 took off from Moscow at 22:30, and due to an emergency landed on the highway. Witnesses say that the plane’s fuselage erupted in flames after the landing. The crash was less than a mile from Petrozavodsk’s Besovets airport. The city of Petrozavodsk is about 430 miles Northwest of Moscow.

(photo: Россия газета)

Domodedovo Airport in Moscow has opened a hot line to assist relatives of those killed and injured in the crash in obtaining information by phone: 8 (495) 644-40-66, as well as on the hot line MES of Russia: 8 (495) 626-37-07 in Moscow, and 8 (814) 256-16 – 34 in Karelia.

Domodedovo has announced that a plane with relatives of those killed and injured in plane crash will be flown to Petrozavodsk. The Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations is handling the investigation into the cause of the crash.

(photo: Россия газета)

Data provided by EMERCOM of the Republic of Karelia (Данные предоставлены ГУ МЧС по Республике Карелия) and Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport.