Employment in Russia

So, you want to work in Russia. Besides working as a translator or as an English teacher, both very low paying positions, what can one do for employment?

baskin robbins

First, one must remember that Russian law prohibits a legally visiting foreigner from taking a job which could be filled by a Russian citizen. However there are exceptions and the employer must file for the exception and apply for your work permit.

Second, currently there are prohibitions about how many days you can legally reside in Russia each year. Registered students and those with a legal work permit are usually exempted, but many foreigners are subject to the 90/180 rule which dictates that one can only live in Russia for 180 days annually, and only in 90 day segments. That means you live there 90 days, leave for 90 days, return to live for 90 and leave again for 90. Its certainly not a very appealing situation for trying to find a job–and that is the idea behind it.

Here are links to assist your search for employment in Russia:

– The Moscow Times, a major English language newspaper publishes an excellent employment portal: www.careercenter.ru

– The Escape Artist posts job openings from all over Eastern Europe: http://www.escapeartist.com/jobs12/easteu.htm

– Here is an excellent listing of Russian job boards. Some are in English and some require Russian language ability to read them: http://www.4icj.com/ru/

– Awara Agency: http://awara-search.com/en

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