Learn Russian Words & Phrases

Sometimes listening practice can be fun! Here is a short children’s cartoon about “getting acquainted” so see how many words and phrases you recognize?

Word for the Day:
* уже = already.  “oo-ZHEh”
Several times each week the staff of the Mendeleyev Journal selects new vocabulary words to offer beginning students of the Russian language. Here are some from our list:
* Сколько [SKOL-ka] = How many or how much
* классно [Klass-na] = classy, cool
Kак [Kak) = How
* врач [vrahch] = doctor, physician
* семья [see-MYAH] = family
* пить [peet’] = to drink
* там [tahm] = there
* главный [glav-nee] = main, chief, primary (used a the “home page” of a website)
Some vocabulary words from our friends at Fun Russian.com:
* секрет (v.) [seek-RYET] secret
(Example in a short sentence: это – секрет = It’s a secret.)
* Лето [LYE-ta] summer
* Отдых [OT-dih] rest; or Отдыхать [at-di-HAT’] rest
* Пляж [PLYASH] beach
* Курорт [koo-RORT] resort
* Море [MO-rye] sea
* Океан [a-kee-AN] ocean
* Озеро [O-zee-ra] lake
* Река [ree-KA] river
* Бассейн [ba-SYEIN] swimming pool
* Купaться [koo-PAT’-sya] swim; or Плавать [PLA-vat’] swim
* Песок [pee-SOK] sand
* Загорать [za-ga-RAT’] bask in the sun
* Солнцезащитный крем [saln-tse-za-SHEET-niy KRYEM] sunscreen
* Загар [za-GAR] tan

In the video below you’ll learn 3 words as suggested by Brian from http://elearnrussian.com.

We also enjoy the frequent “Word for the Day” posts of Doctor Don from the department of Russian language at Arizona State University. The good professor spends much of his summers traveling with students to Russia and often some of his most interesting words come from encounters from his stays in this great country. We recommend his blog for the great vocabulary ideas and for his assistance on grammar. Check out his words for each day here.

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